2023 Achievements

2023 was a massive year for us in event sustainability, with our continued investment in sustainably sourced biofuel (HVO) and focus on waste management significantly reducing our environmental impact, particularly at the Royal Highland Showgrounds where

  • Outdoor events had a combined average 63% material recovery rate - a 1% increase from the previous year.
  • Achieving an office recycling rate of 69.5% we’re now targeting 75% for 2024.
  • Successfully implementing a zero-plastic policy at our events at Royal Highland Showgrounds.
  • Measuring indirect emissions impact from audience and employee travel for the first time.
  • Creating the Play Your Part campaign, advocating for climate action across fan, artist and employee communication channels.
  • We have begun introducing Carbon Literacy Training among staff, starting with key management positions. This will be getting rolled out further throughout this year.
  • Working with a wide range of organisations to promote social and environmental sustainability, including Zero Waste Scotland, Tiny Changes, Greenpeace, Music Broth, Eden Project, Glasgow Eco Trust, Advanced Clothing Solutions and Re:volve Recycling.
  • These engagements had positive impact for our fan experiences and for the organisations themselves. For example, Re:volve made over £3000 selling pre-loved and handmade clothing and accessories through their shop at Connect.
  • 67% of food traders at our events offered at least one plant-based alternative on their menus.